Alan Turing’s Patterns in Nature has an article about Turing’s groundbreaking work in morphogenesis. The article takes you on a Turing pattern tour. Read more.

“Near the end of his life, the great mathematician Alan Turing wrote his first and last paper on biology and chemistry, about how a certain type of chemical reaction ought to produce many patterns seen in nature.

“Called ‘The Chemical Basis for Morphogenesis,’ it was an entirely theoretical work. But in following decades, long after Turing tragically took his own life in 1954, scientists found his speculations to be reality.

“First found in chemicals in dishes, then in the stripes and spirals and whorls of animals, so-called Turing patterns abounded. Some think that Turing patterns may actually extend to ecosystems, even to galaxies. That’s still speculation — but a proof published Feb. 11 in ‘Science’ of Turing patterns in a controlled three-dimensional chemical system are even more suggestion of just how complex the patterns can be.” Read more.

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