Bletchley Park Loses a Friend

A leader of the effort to preserve Bletchley Park died this past weekend. 80 year-old Tony Sale helped found the Bletchley Park Trust in 1991. He also led the effort to reconstruct Colossus, the world’s first operational computer. Colossus was built in 1944 to break codes from the German Lorenz. Hitler used the cipher machine to communicate with his high command.

Just last month, we interviewed Sale on camera at Bletchley Park for our documentary. He was an expert on the Enigma and the British codebreaking effort at Bletchley Park. We extend our condolences to Sale’s wife Margaret, his children, and the rest of his family and friends.

Sale was an MI5 officer during the height of the Cold War. In retirement, he devoted most of his time to preserving Bletchley Park and rebuilding Colossus. Simon Greenish, director of the Bletchley Park Trust, said, “Tony’s contribution to the early days of the development of the Trust when the site was under very real threat of development was fundamental, and without him the Bletchley Park site and its hugely important history would perhaps not have survived.”

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