A Message from the Producer

Alan Turing is among the most consequential scientists ever. Despite his lasting impact on our modern world, Turing’s heroic, inspiring, and tragic story remains largely unknown across the world. Now an international production team is working to showcase Turing’s life and legacy in a feature-length documentary film.

I came across Alan Turing’s name almost a decade ago while browsing through a museum. His story immediately fascinated and intrigued me. Turing’s story is a mix of genius, mystery, and tragedy. About 18 months ago, I started moving forward with plans to turn this documentary idea into reality. After hundreds of hours of work from an international production team and discussions with dozens of historians, computer scientists, researchers, and Turing experts across the globe, we are pleased to publicly announce plans for this film. So much work remains to complete this documentary, but it’s exciting to move this important project to the next phase. Please feel free to contact me with suggestions, feedback, and ideas for the film. — Patrick Sammon ps@turingfilm.com

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