Ed Stoppard (left) stars as Alan Turing, while Henry Goodman plays his psychiatrist.

CODEBREAKER has been shown on broadcast, cable, and satellite television networks around the world. The film has been presented on TV in dozens of countries.

  • Channel 4 in the United Kingdom premiered the film in November of 2011. “Britain’s Greatest Codebreaker”, as it was called, attracted an audience of nearly 1.5 million viewers. The British cable channel Yesterday is now airing the 81-minute version of CODEBREAKER.
  • TV3 in Catalonia, Spain broadcast the film in June of 2012.
  • SBS One in Australia also showed CODEBREAKER in June of 2012. The film drew an audience of approximately 325,000 people.
  • Science Channel in the U.S. presented the film on November 9, 2012. On Science, the film was called, “Breaking Code, Broken Genius.”
  • TVO in Ontario, Canada showed the film in 2013.
  • Discovery France has also presented CODEBREAKER. Aside from France, the transmission on Discovery France was shown in Monaco, Luxembourg, Switzerland, and Belgium.

Broadcast, cable, and/or satellite rights for the film have been acquired by Channel One in Russia, Rare Media in China, Servus TV in Austria (and German language throughout Europe via satellite), DR TV in Denmark, FOXTEL in Australia and New Zealand, Wananchi in Sub-Saharan Africa, MySci in Thailand, Silknet in Georgia, and HSCC in Israel . TVF International in London is working to find other distribution partners around the globe.

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