Remembering Alan Turing

Turing's Statue in Manchester

In the week leading up to the centennial of Alan Turing’s birth on June 23rd, there have been a lot of interesting articles about Turing and his contribution to our modern world. features six articles about Turing examining his life and his legacy. Vint Cerf, a Turing Award winner and Google’s Chief internet evangelist, writes, “Turing’s legacy continues to evolve, astonish, challenge and excite. His insights and fearless approach to daunting problems set benchmarks for decades to come.” features a series of essays, retrospectives, and articles about Turing. “Turing Week”, as they title it, includes an interview with Rick Rashid, the chief research officer at Microsoft Research. “In a sense, the whole field of computing owes a huge debt to him,” says Rashid. “Alan Turing is really one of the first people to establish what a computer was, and what computation meant, which had a huge influence on the whole field.”

Here’s an article about Turing on from Alan Boyle, the website’s science editor.

The Science Museum in London opened its new year-long Turing exhibit this week. You can read about the exhibit in The Guardian and The Belfast Telegraph. Turing’s nephew Dermot, who is featured in CODEBREAKER, attended the exhibit’s opening. “This exhibition is a great tribute to a very remarkable man,” he said.

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