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A Turing Colleague from Bletchley Park Gets New Recognition

A wartime colleague of Alan Turing is getting new recognition for his important work to break the German Enigma code. A newly opened exhibit at Bletchley Park recognizes the important contributions of Gordon Welchman. He’s also the subject of a recent BBC documentary, BLETCHLEY PARK: CODEBREAKING’S FORGOTTEN GENIUS.

Bletchley Park Renovations Start Soon

Work soon will begin on a major renovation of Bletchley Park — the wartime home for Great Britain’s codebreaking effort. Alan Turing was at the heart of the effort to crack Germany’s Enigma code. Historians say the British codebreaking effort shortened the war by two years and saved millions of lives.
In the decades… Read More

Pardon for Turing to be Reconsidered

The Commons leader says he’ll take another look at the British Government’s decision to deny a pardon to Alan Turing, but it’s not likely the outcome will be different. Sir George Young offered to re-examine the case after being lobbied by Tory MP Iain Stewart who holds a seat in Milton Keynes south, which… Read More

New Exhibition Shows Personal Side of Turing

Bletchley Park has opened a new permanent exhibition of some personal items that belonged to Alan Turing. Bletchley Park was the codebreaking center where Turing worked during World War II. The items on display include a teddy bear that Turing bought in school, a treasured Swiss watch, and a book that… Read More

Bletchley Park Loses a Friend

A leader of the effort to preserve Bletchley Park died this past weekend. 80 year-old Tony Sale helped found the Bletchley Park Trust in 1991. He also led the effort to reconstruct Colossus, the world’s first operational computer. Colossus was built in 1944 to break codes from the German Lorenz. … Read More

The Queen Honors Turing & Other Codebreakers

Queen Elizabeth II and the Duke of Edinburgh unveiled a monument on Friday at Bletchley Park to honor the men and women whose codebreaking helped defeat Nazi Germany.
The Queen toured the facility and met with people who worked at Bletchley Park during World War II. In a speech after unveiling an eight foot… Read More

Collection of Turing Papers Saved from Auction

The Bletchley Park Trust announces a big breakthrough in its effort to secure a rare collection of Alan Turing’s offprints. The collection belonged to Turing’s close friend and fellow code breaker, Professor Max Newman. It includes 16 offprints of Turing’s published works including his historic paper On Computable Numbers.
The Turing-Newman Collection went… Read More

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