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Honoring Alan Turing

June 7th marks the 58th anniversary of Alan Turing’s tragic suicide. His life was short, but his legacy lives on. Here are some quotes about Alan Turing from people we interviewed for CODEBREAKER:
“The things that he contributed to computer science weren’t the things that just happened to be true in one particular year… Read More

Turing’s Cathedral

A new book about the origins of our digital universe is getting wide news coverage around the globe. Historian George Dyson’s book is called Turing’s Cathedral: The Origins of the Digital Universe. Check out a recent interview with Dyson on MSNBC.
Here’s how the book is described on “’It is possible to… Read More

A.I. Pioneer Wins Turing Award

The Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) has named Judea Pearl winner of the 2011 Turing Award, the highest honor in computer science. Pearl, a Professor at UCLA, developed two branches of calculus that paved the way for modern artificial intelligence.
Pearl told US News & World Report, “I think the voice recognition systems that… Read More

Pardon for Turing to be Reconsidered

The Commons leader says he’ll take another look at the British Government’s decision to deny a pardon to Alan Turing, but it’s not likely the outcome will be different. Sir George Young offered to re-examine the case after being lobbied by Tory MP Iain Stewart who holds a seat in Milton Keynes south, which… Read More

New Exhibition Shows Personal Side of Turing

Bletchley Park has opened a new permanent exhibition of some personal items that belonged to Alan Turing. Bletchley Park was the codebreaking center where Turing worked during World War II. The items on display include a teddy bear that Turing bought in school, a treasured Swiss watch, and a book that… Read More

Watch New Trailer for Turing Film

Here’s a new two-minute trailer for the Alan Turing film.  CODEBREAKER is the title we have selected.  Stay tuned in the months ahead for details about the worldwide distribution plan for this drama-documentary.

New Research Validates Turing’s Morphogenesis Theory

More evidence today showing how far Alan Turing lived ahead of his time. Researchers in London have announced confirmation of Turing’s 60 year-old morphogenesis theory. The findings also advance the understanding of regenerative medicine.
The Telegraph reports on new research, unveiled in the current issue of Nature Genetics. “In his 1952 paper The Chemical… Read More

Listen to Soundtrack from Turing Film

Edward White in the United Kingdom composed the music for Channel 4’s broadcast of “Britain’s Greatest Codebreaker.”  Check out this song he wrote. It’s called “Computable Numbers.”  Listen now.

Online Petition Seeks Pardon for Turing

Thousands of people in the United Kingdom have signed a petition asking the government to offer a posthumous pardon for Turing’s 1952 conviction on charges of gross indecency. Almost 18,000 people have signed the e-petition. If 100,000 people sign the petition, the issue becomes eligible for discussion in the House of Commons.
Professor Barry Cooper,… Read More

Turing Film News Coverage

Newspapers in the United Kingdom provided extensive coverage in connection with the recent broadcast of “Britain’s Greatest Codebreaker” on Channel 4 in the UK. The news articles highlighted Turing’s story and our film’s approach to telling it. The papers featuring stories and reviews about the film included The Times, and The Telegraph, The… Read More

Turing Film Attracts 1.5 Million Viewers in the UK

“Britain’s Greatest Codebreaker” attracted an audience in the United Kingdom of about 1.5 million viewers on Channel 4’s November 21st broadcast. Until December 20th, people in the UK can watch the film streaming on Channel 4’s website.
International distribution plans for the film are being developed now. Stay tuned for details in the… Read More

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