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Turing Film In the News

A public radio program in the United States recently featured a segment about CODEBREAKER. “To the Best of Our Knowledge,” a nationally syndicated show broadcasting on 180 radio stations in the US, examines the big ideas impacting our world. This week’s program focused on Alan Turing’s life and legacy. The show… Read More

My Favourite Scientist

Alan Turing is featured in a video segment from Nottingham Trent University.  “My Favourite Scientist” includes interviews with various university researchers describing their heroes from science.  Dr. Jonathan Tepper explains why Alan Turing is his favourite scientist.

Turing Test in the Spotlight

The Author of a new book about artificial intelligence recently appeared on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. The Most Human Human explores how computers are changing our concept of what it means to be human. Brian Christian centers his book on the 2009 Loebner Prize competition in Brighton,
England. … Read More

A New Turing Test?

Two computer scientists propose a new approach for comparing human intelligence with non-human intelligence. The Economist has a story about it. Here is part of the story:
“The most famous test for artificial intelligence is that devised by Alan Turing, a British computing pioneer. To pass the Turing test, and thus be considered intelligent, a… Read More

UK Considers Honor for Turing

The parliamentary Science and Technology Committee wants the British government’s newly announced Technology and Innovation Centres (TIC) named in honor of Alan Turing. The government has set aside £200m to set up a network of TICs. The committee wants these new facilities called “Turing Centres.”
Andrew Miller MP, chair of the… Read More

Watson, Turing, Minsky & the Future of AI

The verdict is in. Watson is the winner in this Battle of the Titans on Jeopardy! The much publicized game show contest between the IBM super computer and the two greatest Jeopardy contestants ever ended in a blowout. Read an Associated Press article about what happened in this showdown between man and machine.

What does it all mean?

Mind, Machine, & the Turing Test:

The new issue of The Atlantic has an interesting article about the Turing Test. Science writer and poet Brian Christian centers his article on the 2009 Loebner Prize competition in Brighton, England. Christian participated in the contest as one of the people interacting with the computers. His book on… Read More

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