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In January of 2015, CODEBREAKER Executive Producer Patrick Sammon wrote a blog post about the film for The Bilerco Project. “The film’s drama scenes and documentary elements combine to offer a three-dimensional picture of Alan Turing, his accomplishments, his tragic end, and his lasting legacy,” wrote Sammon.

The Movie Network offered a postive review of CODEBREAKER in January of 2015.

CODEBREAKER Executive Producer Patrick Sammon wrote a column for Campus Pride in late January of 2015.

Ed Stoppard (Left) stars as Alan Turing.  His therapist  is played by Henry Goodman. Photo by Marc Sethi.

Ed Stoppard (Left) stars as Alan Turing. His therapist is played by Henry Goodman. Photo by Marc Sethi.

In December of 2014, CODEBREAKER Executive Producer Patrick Sammon wrote a post about the film for

In December of 2014, Executive Producer Patrick Sammon discussed Alan Turing and CODEBREAKER with The Analogies Project.

In September of 2014, Executive Producer Patrick Sammon appeared on a cable TV program in Westchester County, New York. Patrick spent 30 minutes discussing the film with host Alice Bloom.

INSIGHT Into Diversity highlighted CODEBREAKER in its July/August 2014 issue. The magazine focuses on diversity issues in US higher education. This article explains how CODEBREAKER is being used as a diversity education tool at colleges and universities.

(11-11-20) Turing and Greenbaum outsideOne of the Executive Producers of CODEBREAKER was interviewed on a US radio program May 9, 2014. Patrick Sammon appeared on Entertainment Weekly’s SiriusXM Satellite Radio channel to discuss the life of Alan Turing and the process for getting this film produced.

FrontiersLA in California included a story about CODEBREAKER as part of its coverage of Alan Turing’s pardon by the Queen in December of 2013. Here is a sample of other news stories about the pardon.

Vada, a magazine and website in the United Kingdom, featured a glowing review of CODEBREAKER in October of 2013. Entertainment writer Rakshita Patel described the film as, “a powerful, moving and truthful account of Turing’s life, his work and his achievements.” She continued, “CODEBREAKER is a film that is rich in depth and detail…A remarkable film about a remarkable man. Highly recommended.”

Scarlet & Black, the newspaper at Grinnell College in Iowa, featured a story about CODEBREAKER in October of 2013. Executive Producer Patrick Sammon visited the school to screen the film and offer Q&A. Read the article.

Ed Stoppard stars as Alan Turing.  Photo by Marc Sethi.

Ed Stoppard stars as Alan Turing. Photo by Marc Sethi.

The Vindicator in Youngstown, Ohio featured a news story about the film in September of 2013. The article highlights the screening of CODEBREAKER at Youngstown State University. Read the article.

Here’s a July 2013 article about CODEBREAKER from Huffington Post. It features an interview with actor Ed Stoppard. He discusses his role playing Alan Turing in the film. “The role was enormously enjoyable,” says Stoppard. “I will certainly look back on it with a great deal of pride.”

In late March, the Windy City Times featured an interview with Executive Producer Patrick Sammon, ahead of early April’s Chicago screening of CODEBREAKER.

A California LGBT magazine recently featured an article about CODEBREAKER. Chris Carpenter from The Rage described the film as “excellent and engrossing.”

Late last year, Executive Producer Patrick Sammon wrote a feature in Huffington Post about his reasons for making this film. Sammon wrote, ” It’s a sad story, but people should also be inspired by Alan Turing’s life. He was one of a kind.”

“To the Best of Our Knowledge,” a nationally syndicated radio show broadcasting on 180 stations in the US, recently focused on Alan Turing’s life and legacy. The August 19th program about Turing included a segment that highlighted CODEBREAKER, featuring an interview with Patrick Sammon, one of the film’s executive producers.

A pair of news articles in Ontario, Canada focused on CODEBREAKER ahead of a screening hosted by the Institute for Quantum Computing at the University of Waterloo in June of 2012., which covers Kitchener & Waterloo, Ontario quoted Executive Producer Patrick Sammon in a story about the film, “It’s really one of the great tragedies of the 20th century,” said Sammon.

The Waterloo Chronicle features a column about CODEBREAKER with Marshall Ward writing that, “Turing’s life was so remarkable — and ultimately so tragic — I’m amazed it hasn’t been captured in a big screen documentary until this new film, Codebreaker.”

Newspapers in the United Kingdom provided extensive coverage in connection with the recent broadcast of “Britain’s Greatest Codebreaker” on Channel 4 in the UK. The news articles highlighted Turing’s story and our film’s approach to telling it. The papers featuring stories and reviews about the film included The Times, The Telegraph, The Sunday Times, Daily Mail, The Guardian, and The Independent. Here are some of highlights from the coverage.

David Chater from The Times said, “Britain’s Greatest Codebreaker is an overdue and thoroughly honourable telling of this dreadful story…. As a general rule, dramatisations in documentaries are an embarrassment to be avoided, but these scenes are low-key and restrained and performed with an unflashy dignity. Not only does it tell a story that has shaped our lives, but it serves as a posthumous public apology for past acts of gross ingratitude.”

This film was the Critics’ Choice Pick of the Day on November 20th in The Sunday Times. “This docudrama takes a compassionate look at a pioneer,” writes Victoria Segal.

The Sunday Times calls the film “imaginative” in a review from November 27th.

The Sunday Times had a long feature story about Turing and the film on November 20th. “Turing’s life and untimely death are the subjects of a powerful television drama-documentary to be screened tomorrow night,” writes Michael Hanlon.

A review from Alex Hardy at The Times on November 22nd gives the film four stars out of five. “Many docudramas struggle to make their reconstructions any better than ‘not entirely naff’. Here they were sumptuous period pieces, enticing us into the past with vintage music, and into Turing’s viewpoint, with scenes richly scripted from his letters and diaries. Ed Stoppard was cracking in the lead role, especially towards the end, as the tortured man’s tears lingered just within his eyes.”

The Mail made this film its Pick of the Day on November 21st, giving it four stars out of five. The review said Turing’s life is “artfully explored.”

Nigel Jones from The Mail writes, “Turing is played in the film by Ed Stoppard, who twitchily conveys both his extraordinary mind and the agonies his unconventional ideas and lifestyle caused.”

The Radio Times featured an online interview with Ed Stoppard, the actor who plays Turing in this film. Read more.

Chris Harvey from The Telegraph calls the film “superb” in this story which features an interview with Craig Warner, the writer of the film’s dramatic scenes. Harvey writes, “Channel 4’s film reminds us that Turing’s death was an intellectual tragedy too; how many world-changing ideas were lost to us with his passing?” Read the interview.

A review from Sarah Cox from On the Box gave the film four stars out of five and said Turing’s life was “sensitively portrayed.” She said the film was a “truly awe-inspiring viewing experience…The intimate personal portrait of a man tortured by loss and isolation was carefully painted.” Read more.

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