Turing Film Receives Recognition in Europe

CODEBREAKER is receiving accolades in Europe from several quarters.

The film is a finalist to receive two awards from The European Science TV & New Media Festival.  The mid-July festival in Dublin, Ireland showcased science films from across Europe.  CODEBREAKER is one of three finalists being considered for a Jury Award and one of four finalists in contention to receive an Audience Award in the docudrama category.  The winners will be announced in November.

Ed Stoppard (left) stars as Alan Turing, while Henry Goodman plays his psychiatrist.

Last week, the film was selected for the shortlist of the Grierson Awards.  The Griersons have been described as “the Oscars of the documentary world.”  Our film is one of eight that have been put on the shortlist for Best Historical Documentary. Dawn Airey, Chairman of the Grierson Trust said, “The shortlist contains some of the most talked about television of 2010/11 and some little known gems. I wish them all the very best as they prepare to battle it out to the final nominations and on to victory.”  Final nominations for the Grierson Awards will be announced in September with winners unveiled at a London gala celebration in early November.

CODEBREAKER was recently selected to compete in the prestigious Pariscience International Science Film Festival. 15 films will be competing to receive one of four cash prizes.  The festival runs from October 4-9 in Paris.

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